Things have been progressing steadily this year. Lots of work stuff happening, a few good challenges. I feel like I'm often consulting back the basics in order to place myself somewhere more stable. Besides that, well, I'm venturing into buying a house! That's been pretty scary but also quite the excitement!

Been trying to gain back some workout consistency and am considering going back into the skate world but chilled out with a longboard, just to have a bit of fun out there — it's too demanding these days to spend a whole Saturday trying to pull a kickflip off, so that'll stay in the video-games for the time being.

End of this month I'll be building a guitar from scratch... wow! A local shop here offers a course using demolition woods, so everything there is my jam. I'll build a seven-string Jazzmaster, baritone, to handle those lows drop B and A!

Survived a lot of planes rides these past few months, which has been quite the preparation for my upcoming Switzerland trip this May. Let's see how that flies!

Last updated: 04/03/2022