Well, first of all, I'm writing this while in an airplane, shitting my pants off. I'm too afraid of flying, this is tough. Right now, there a few things going through my head:

  1. I can't die in this flight.
  2. How to actually separate my work life from personal life? This goes deeper than only isolating gadgets and stuff. I mean more like: how to separate the part of me that hardly identifies as a designer/product person from what I am to the ones I love?
  3. Am I too old already to get back at skating and try to pull off some tricks?
  4. Now that the pandemic is starting to get a bit better, I'm looking forward to have 2022 as a year full of traveling. But hell, I just hate flying.
  5. Okay, this plane flight is almost over, I'll finish this off later. Thank god, it seems I'll get out of it alive.

Last updated: 03/12/2021