I've been connected to creative fields ever since I was very little. Mom & Dad used to work on advertisement and radio, which naturally sparked an interest in musical and visual creations. Additionally, I've been fortunate enough throughout my life to have had access to technology, which was the third missing component for eventually making sense of myself as a designer.

I'd risk saying that any person who identifies themselves as a designer today is probably very interested in the reason why certain things are the way they are. Essentially, what brought me to study anthropological, social, and political sciences, which eventually culminated in design. All of it looking to scratch an old itch of being more active and intentional in trying to change the world around me.

Beloved Carina & I at the monumental Cajon del Maipo mountains.

Carina & I

Cajon del Maipo, Santiago, Chile⎯2018

Beloved Carina & I at the monumental Cajon del Maipo mountains.

Carina & I

Boston, Massachusetts, USA⎯2022

The way I love to work

Guided by foundational principles, I like to see myself as the bridger of disciplines-product management, software design, and user research. Throughout the years, I've grown a lot on the more strategy-focused, high-level, conversations and I love to have them. These days, I'm deepening my engineering skills to become an independent designer, ensuring that the real production app feels like what we imagined it to be. Everything's connected.

I'm fond of working in multi-disciplinary, small, focused teams, where concepts, borders, and collaboration can be redesigned and reimagined, regardless of the industry's status quo.


About this website

You may think that, by looking at this website, I clearly understand what's going on here, but I assure you, I frigging don't. Like anyone else, I'm just figuring out things as I go, and this has been my "learning-how-to-code" approach.

This website is developed using Next.js as the framework of choice, hosted on Vercel, styled with Tailwind CSS, and with components powered by a mix of headless libraries such as Headless UI, Radix UI, & Joy UI.

Let's connect!

Definitely feel encouraged to reach out! I'd love to meet you. ☺️