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Brazil 🇧🇷


Mid 2019

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About the company

Nexa was an emerging startup inside the Dasa conglomerate, a Brazilian-based giant in the clinical diagnosis space, with thousands of hospitals, labs, and employees under its wings. By the time I left, Nexa had around 30 to 40 people in the team, with the design team being around five.

My journey there

My tenure at Nexa was reasonably short but interesting nonetheless. Unlike most of my experiences at that point, the design team was a big chunk of the company. So, with many of us on board, there were plenty of arms to work around concepts, possibilities, and explorations for proving that Nexa's product bets were worthwhile.

Cases deep dive

Sreenshot of Livia

Sharpened my prototyping skills a whole lot while helping with the design concepts for Livia, a product designed for patients to see their entire medical history.

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Sreenshot of LiviaSreenshot of Livia
Livia Pro

This is the one where I worked on the most — the doctors’ point of view on the abovementioned product. A PWA that used very cool tech.

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Closing thoughts

Aside from making new friends and deepening my connection with old ones, it was an enriching experience, to say the least, to be within a huge corp and feel the complications of trying to reinvent stuff with tech.

I sort of still keep a soft spot for health tech as I keep high hopes that technology has much to improve here, especially direct-to-consumer products. Of course, it's relatively easy to think about the revolutionary, cutting-edge advancements, but honestly, simple bumps in patients' and doctors' experiences would go a considerable way already, and it's about these little improvements that I'm the most excited about—fortunately, we kick-started some of it at Nexa.