The projects I'm proud to have been made a part of.


MUI's logo
Screen-shot of MUI's website


Designing products and systems for one of the largest React libraries out there. Still living it. More to come soon!

Still living it...

Loggi's logo
Screenshot of the Loggi Driver product


Structured the courier product, making it optimized for any type of fleet in any step of the chain. More about this story sometime soon.


iFood's logo
Home screen UI of the iFood para Entregadoresapp


Designed the new driver app from the ground up. Small team, challenging goals and huge impact. What a ride!

Livia Pro's logo
Home screen UI of the Livia Pro app

Livia Pro

With Livia, we were tackling one of the most fundamental health care problem out there: communication.

Rapiddo's logo
A design for the Rapiddo old app


One designer for the whole company. You know the drill. I did it all at Rapiddo. Great times. Apps, motion graphics, branding. Told ya!


Coop's app logo
Screenshot of Coop's UI


A streamlined financial organizer for you to follow how much you've spent in comparison to what you've expected to spend.

TailwindCSS logo
Screenshot of the project's home UI

Tailwind para Designers

Dedicated to the Portuguese-speaking design community. I'll try to lay down the fundamentals about TailwindCSS in a very easy way.