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From mid 2017 to early 2018

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About the company

Rapiddo was founded by one of the original iFood founders as a spin-off to focus on the logistics part of the food-delivery problem. Even though it started out with a broader logistical solution, it eventually narrowed back down to food delivery until the point when iFood acquired the company and internalized all of its operations.

My journey there

The only designer the company had left right in my first week, which ended up making me the only designer-as an intern! I loved it, though. Rapiddo was the usual startup: scrappy, messy, and fast. Lots of things there didn't make much sense, one of them being the fact that product design was under the Marketing organization and my manager at the time was the CRM manager. Regardless, those were some of the best people I've worked with and I grew a whole lot as people were just requesting all sorts of design-related stuff, some of which I had never done by that time.

Eventually, I started to focus my contribution to actual product design, using the major driver onboarding problem we had as an opportunity to swing the attention back to the app and work on how we could improve it. When we were just heating those topics up, Rapiddo was acquired by iFood , which meant we'd continue stuff over there now.

Cases deep dive


Screenshot of the branding handbook
Screenshot of the branding handbook

Screenshot of the branding handbook.

Training material

Rapiddo's engineering team was super small, meaning that had really limited project bandwidth. The company had a big problem regarding getting drivers up to speed and ready to start. Ideally, that would be refined by thinking about the onboarding experience of the app and everything we'd need to polish there. However, no space for that in the roadmap. With that constraint, we had to be creative and rely on other means to train and onboard drivers. I've led the creation of a motion-designed video series covering a variety of subjects to get them set up.

One of the motion graphics made for the drivers onboarding. It was a series of 8. There's 2 available in my Vimeo account. Take a peek!

Automatized promotions

Another big challenge we faced there was getting drivers motivated. There used to be lots of promotion campaigns, all of them done in the most cheap manner you could think of. I took the opportunity to think about how we could scale them and improve the experience by putting them inside the driver's app.

Screenshots of some of the UI

Some of the UI for automating the promotion process. Unfortunately, they never saw the light of day.

Closing thoughts

Overall, I really loved my time at Rapiddo. Not only I met great people, but I also learned a lot about the basics there. Seeing really scrappy startups operate is super fun, and most of all, it's incredible to see how everyone is so committed to making it work. Fortunately, most of the team transitioned over to iFood and we continued some projects further there.