My world

Cool tech kids call this a digital garden — a place for my creations to live, a safe outlet for expressing myself. Here's home on the internet.

Graphic Design

Grew up in design by doing graphic work. From logos to whole branding packages to album cover designs.

Thinking out loud

Just me rambling about stuff. My first personal blog after years of using the internet. Is blogging already a vintage thing to do?!

Book reviews

I'm a slow reader. These are the few I managed to finish that shaped my thinking and understanding of my place in this world.

Album reviews

Music is second nature. Here you'll find me struggling to articulate why some records have hit home strong.


My one-man band kinda of deal. A while ago I released its second album, called Quietest Friend. Take it for a spin!

Flora Park

Together with my most special friends, we dreamt together of being a pop-punk band. An original DYI album, made in 2017.