My world

This is what cool tech kids call a digital garden. It's a place for my creations to live, a safe outlet for expressing myself. Here's home on the internet.

Design related

Graphic Design

I grew up in design by doing graphic. Logos, to whole branding packages to album cover designs. Seeing stuff being physical is feeling it for real.

That's me inside your head

That's a NOFX reference!

Thinking out loud

That's just me ranting and rambling about stuff. My first personal blog in years using the internet. I feel like I'm using it right for the first time.

Book reviews

Books are hard to read for me. These really shaped my thinking and my understanding of my place in this world.

Album reviews

Music is my second nature. I'll be going through some of these pieces trying to express what they mean to me.

Music making


My one-man band kinda of deal. Just finished recording the second and latest album, called Quietest Friend. My best work so far for sure. Take it for a spin!

Flora Park

This one is with some of my most special friends, where we dream together of being a hardcore/pop-punk band. We self produced and recorded our first album in 2017.