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From mid 2019 to mid 2021

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About the company

Loggi is a logistics company that provides delivery services to, mostly, e-commerce. It's a Latin American unicorn, backed by relevant global VCs such as Softbank & GGV Capital. As of the latest round, it's valued at over USD $2bi. By the time I left, the company had about 2k+ employees, with the design team being around 35+.

Product context

Loggi initially started as being "the Uber of courirers", as we used to call it. It was seen as such as it basically provides delivery on demand. You could call a driver, ask'em to pick up whatever wherever, and have it delivered wherever to whomever.

Later on, the company started to branch out to other use cases within logistics, ending up with several cross dockings across the country, delivering a huge chunk of all retail e-commerce packages in Brazil.

Competition-wise, Loggi is in a tricky spot. At one hand, there's the Brazilian state-run postal service, Correios, that holds a big share of the market. On the other, many other retail market places are developing their own "built-in" logistic service. Because of that, Loggi had to experiment a lot throughout the years and I personally think that it was only recently that it found the way that felt right to be.

My journey there

The year I joined, 2019, seemed to be the most stable year up to that point. The years prior saw a number of products being created and sun-setted at least every semester. At the end of that year, we were on the brink of a major re-org, planned to concretize the ambitious goal to any startup which is being financially healthy.

For that to happen, everything began to be rethought. There were a lot of scattered projects happening, some making more sense than others. The bulk of my work was at the Drivers team, a newly formed group of people to tackle this next phase for the Last Mile tribe.

Our main mission was to reshape the driver experience. I had some experience with that already but even then, I had so much more to learn in order to make sense of all things that were happening simultaneously. So, we started to organize the mess and sketch out a proper vision & strategy for the work that was ahead of us.


Closing thoughts

Loggi was probably the best professional experience for me so far, I really learned a ton. It was there that documentation started to become second nature for me and where my preference for easy-to-access company-wide information started to settle in. I've gone way beyond the typical boundaries of a designer at Loggi ⎯ going as far as actively playing with Looker, manipulating data, and putting up dashboards myself, as well as poking at the code side of the world a bit either. Not to mention all the product work I had the opportunity to collaborate on, too.

As with any logistics-related business, it's all about the system. Collaboration is just really imperative and pursuing holistic understanding is fundamental to be able to design in any capacity in contexts like so. Loggi is a very challenging business but with an enormous potential to bring real and concrete value to people, especially in a country such as Brazil where infrastructure inequality is incredibly, and sadly, profound. I feel like I had the privilege of working with some of the best product-minded people in this country and I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll continue to ship.

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