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From mid 2019 to mid 2021

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About the company

Loggi is a logistics company that provides delivery services primarily to e-commerce. It's a Latin American unicorn, backed by relevant global VCs such as Softbank & GGV Capital. As of the latest round, it's valued at over USD 2 billion. By the time I left, the company had about 2k+ employees, with the design team being around 35+.

My journey there

I joined right at a moment when Loggi was starting to gain product stability, as the years prior saw several projects being created and rapidly sun-setted at least every semester. At the end of 2019, the company wanted to settle down, focus, and go hard towards financial health. To pull that off, a major reorg was on its way, with many people and projects being shuffled around. Thus, the bulk of my work ended up being within the Drivers team.

My team's primary mission then became to reshape the driver experience to set the company for operation standardization. As I had prior experience with driver-related applications, it was a smooth fit, but still, a challenging sail ahead.

Cases deep dive

Screenshot of Loggi's Flecha appScreenshot of Loggi's Flecha app
Designing the core delivery flow

Paving the way for a significant re-org; the core journey of Loggi's driver app needed a refresh-a simpler and more scalable delivery experience.

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Closing thoughts

Loggi was probably the best professional experience for me so far; I really learned a ton. It was there that documentation started to become second nature for me and where my preference for easy-to-access company-wide information started to settle in. I've gone way beyond the typical boundaries of a designer at Loggi ⎯ going as far as actively playing with Looker, manipulating data, and putting up dashboards myself, as well as poking at the code side of the world a bit either. Not to mention all the product strategy work I had the opportunity to collaborate on.

As with any logistics-related business, it's all about the system. Collaboration is imperative, and pursuing holistic understanding is fundamental to design in any capacity. Loggi is a very challenging business with enormous potential to bring concrete and tangible value to people. I had the privilege of working with some of the best product-minded people in the country, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll continue to ship.